What you will learn

This hands-on workshop, to be held over 2 days at our technical facility in Offenbach am Main, Germany, will cover the theory and practice of thermal desorption (TD) from basic to advanced level, as well as the automated sample preparation techniques available with Centri; including headspace(–trap), SPME(–trap) and HiSorb, high-capacity sorptive extraction.

  • Understand the evolution of thermal desorption, the importance of sorbent selection and how this technology can benefit your analyses when using Centri.

  • Gain better insight of the different sampling techniques, the advantages and disadvantages of each.

  • Learn how to optimise parameters for various methods and considerations for each.

  • Become adept at troubleshooting and routine maintenance to get the best possible results from your analysis.

Course details

This course will be run by Schauenburg Analytics Ltd’s team of product and application specialists. Using a combination of classroom learning and hands-on instrument sessions, you will have direct access to our unrivalled expertise for your analytical needs. All sessions include a follow-up Q&A “clinic” where we can support you with your application after the completion of the workshop.


Senior Product Specialist

Stefan Koschinski

Stefan Koschinski joined Markes International in 2012 directly after finishing his PhD in wine research. He is an experienced analytical chemist with a focus on thermal desorption, gas chromatography, comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography, chemometrics and mass spectrometry. Over the past ten years, Stefan has trained many customers in the proper use of analytical equipment. He is now looking forward to sharing his knowledge and expertise with even more analysts as one of our instructors for the Schauenburg Analytics Academy. Stefan is a German speaker and will provide trainings in his native language as well as in English.

Workshop dates

10-11 May 2023 - Offenbach am Main, Germany