What you will learn:

Choosing the correct sampling techniques for the identification of trace organic compounds depends on various considerations. This course will give you the knowledge to select the correct method for your application and highlights the key attributes of analytical instruments required to obtain robust, validated data. Whether running routine standard methods for targeted analysis, or carrying out non-targeted discovery of analytes, this course will enable you to make informed decisions to maximise confidence in your results and optimise operational costs.

  • How to choose a sampling method

  • Considerations for non-targeted analysis

  • An overview of standard methods using thermal desorption (ISO 16017, CEN 14662, ASTM D6196, US Environmental Protection Agency methods TO-15, TO-17, PAMS and 325; Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection methods HJ759, HJ644 and HJ734)

  • How to carry out robust method development and validation


Market development specialist

Hannah Calder

Hannah Calder is Markes International’s Environmental Air Market Development Manager, specialising in the application of thermal desorption in environmental air monitoring. Hannah joined Markes International’s global team of technical experts in 2013 following her Masters degree in Chemistry obtained from Cardiff University in 2011. As well as advising Markes customers on how to develop their capabilities in the monitoring of gas phase VOCs, Hannah is also involved with development of international analytical standards and has a comprehensive knowledge on the use of Thermal Desorption as an analytical tool for air analysis.

Course date

18 July 2023, Online, Duration 2 hours (10am BST)